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Travel to Peru, Cusco, trip to Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, Sillustani or Kuelap, Manu, Lago Titicaca and Inca Trail
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Peru Travel With special offers in hotels of Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Puno, Trujillo, Chiclayo, among others, we take care that your trip to Peru becomes into an unforgettable experience, just tell us in which we can help and we will offer you the best , always considering your comfort and safety above all. Tourism in Peru is our speciality.

Chiclayo y Trujillo Tour

Chiclayo y Trujillo Tour In Chiclayo, Visit the most famous Sipan tomb considered as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the last 30 years and walk following the steps of the ancient Peruvian at the pyramids of Tucume. In Trujillo, visit the beautiful Sun and Moon temples built by Moches the colonial city, and Chan Chan citadel, the capital of the Chimu empire.

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Testimonials Peru TravellingQuerida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró.
Sólo decir dos cosas ...
1. Espero que Dios me dé salud (y mi economía me lo permita)para volver a su pais y viajar con uds.
2. Gracias. (No hay en mi vocabulario nada mejor que ese gracias)

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Ceviche: Invaluable dish with a worth telling history

Ceviche in PeruDiced fish, lemon, onion, salt and chili- to taste. Everything else is just a nice complement. These are Ceviche's, a typical Peruvian dish, basic ingredients, that can vary according to the region.
It is, without doubts, a dish highly remarked by its freshness throughout the coast and can be tasted at any time, during any season ...