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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Museums in Lima

Lima Peru

Gold Museum

The Foundation Miguel Mujica Gallo desire is on these pages, show the world the beauty and quality of pieces of different cultures, both of our Peruvian heritage that are exhibited in the Museum "Peru Gold" of countries around the world on display at the Museum "Weapons of the world". We can not fail to mention that such collections of pieces are the product of a patriot who knew how to use his life and fortune for culture.

The Foundation has formed purposes altruistic, to protect the stability of Museums and to be, now and forever, the tourist attraction of our beloved city.

Miguel Mujica Gallo, distinguished Knight Lima, business man linked to important and diverse economic activities of his country was also - and you could say that above all - a collector of international fame: a cultured man, passionate about the great historical and artistic tradition of Peru. But this feature does not prevent that their interest and curiosity be extended to other Nations, including the most remote geographically from their homeland; as you can check who - see his extraordinary collection of weapons: twenty thousand pieces of all time and all countries - that is, between the collected private effort, one of the most notable of the world.

During his many travels by the ORB was collecting interesting pieces (some of them true jewels) and arms belonged to famous people in history. Pieces today presented in environment prepared to receive the public and transport it to other historic times

Aeronautical Museum

Museum visitors will appreciate as the Peruvian man since antiquity dreamed of flying like the birds. You will participate in the ideas of flight of Leonardo da Vinci, Santiago de Cárdenas, Pedro Ruiz Gallo and other dreamers. In the rooms of the Museum you can find models and replicas of the primitive machines with intended flight, you will know the work of Pedro Paulet Mostajo Peruvian genius at least recognized by Werner Von Braun as the "father of rocketry in the world".

During your visit to the Museum will revive the achievement of the first crossing of the Alps in an airplane by Jorge Chavez Dartnell and known pioneers such as John Bielovucic and Tenaud. In temporary rooms you will see the development of technology aeronautics in its different branches; you can see all models of planes, weapons and equipment of various kinds that have formed part of the Air Force of Peru in the course of its history.

The Museum's walls enclose the vibrant and faithful testimony to rich history aeronautics, full of tradition, adventure, heroic episodes and bold exploits.

Antonio Raimondi Museum

Museo Raimondi was opened in 1981 as a result of institutional policy of preserving the legacy and duration of the work of the most important naturalistic traveller in the history of the Republican Peru: Milanese Antonio Raimondi. Arrived in Lima in 1850, the Italian wise toured for nineteen years throughout Peru, conducting research in various fields of science. Naturalist encyclopedic, his work highlights in specialties such as archaeology, Botany, cartography, ethnography, geography, geology, zoology. Result of its continuing scientific work are a group of documents, most of which are safeguarded by the Museum and displayed to the public in its exhibition halls as manuscript Folio, pictures, drawings, watercolors, drawings, letters, notes, among other papers.

Peruvian Silverware Museum Vittorio Azzariti

During the colonial period there was an intense process of miscegenation which allowed melting diverse racial and cultural aspects that below in this territory, shaping the various aspects of social and economic activities, including metallurgy, especially the silverware. Skill, quality and techniques of Andean goldsmiths have merged into one work with the new collective imaginary which was inspiration to Christian religion arrival of the West in the hands of the Spanish conquistadors.

Pedro de Osma Museum

It is located in the former residence of summer of Don Pedro de Osma and Pardo. It was built in 1906 with the direction of architect Santiago Basurco. The Museum is in operation since the 1930s in the 20th century and exhibits the collection compiled by Don Pedro and his sister Angelica. It contains a variety of pieces of art, especially artists Cuzco.

The house shows fine architectural lines and is surrounded by gardens and a large wrought iron fence supported by brick walls with classic ornaments and a catwalk flagstoned which leads to the main entrance. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful of Barranco.

It has a chapel whose interior showcases a Baroque altar carved in wood and covered in gold leaf, flanked by wreathed columns with a 16th century Philippine ivory Christ. It was acquired by Gaspar de Osma y Tricio, great-grandfather of don Pedro. Also reflected a Christmas trunk of the 18th century, which highlights the birth and other scenes from the life of Christ.

Also has a lectern of embossed silver that is still its original support of wood.
The most outstanding paintings are the Virgin with the child, of Bernardo Bitti; Our Lady of the Kings of the Sevillian Francisco Varela; Return Egypt of cusquenian Diego Quispe Tito; and a statue of the Immaculate Virgin in Huamanga, anonymous author stone.

The Museum also boasts other valuable pieces of silverware and wood inlaid in mother-of-Pearl and Carey.

Amano Museum

The Amano Museum was founded by Mr Yoshitaro Amano (1898 Akita, Japan - 1982 Lima, Peru), who arrived in Peru in the year 1951 and for his love for ancient Peruvian cultures led him to rescue the huaqueados places these archaeological pieces.

The Amano Museum was inaugurated on 22 August 1964 and 1973, creates the Amano Museum Foundation, non-profit institution. The Museum's collection includes ceramics, textiles and objects several Pre-Columbian Peruvian cultures notably textiles and ceramics of the chancay culture collection.

The work is not only limited to conservation and exhibition of pieces, also provide support to scholars and researchers, both Peruvian and foreign. They made the work of diffusion through various cultural activities.

Electricity Museum

Museum interactive nature aimed at disseminating the electrical phenomena and the history of electricity in Peru. It is divided into six areas.

  • Courtyard Sculptures: he displays machines used for the generation and distribution of electricity. It highlights the hydroelectric minicentral which can be activated by visitors and shows the generation of electricity by the force of water.

  • The room history of the public lighting and electricity in Peru: from the bonfires until the arrival of electricity to Peru. Here shown also on experiments, the electric phenomena and their characteristics.

  • Hall of great filmmakers of electricity: including Swiss Pablo Boner and Peruvian Sage Santiago AntÚnez de Mayolo. Energy sources and forms of generation of electricity, especially thermal and hydroelectric power plants, the most used in Peru are displayed.

  • Oral history room: it is considered the most important due to the materials contained therein and that makes up the Word file. It houses also multimedia programs in computer digital display, where the visitor is reported as regards energy, electricity, environment, science and technology in Peru.

  • Room electricity impact on daily life: displays artifacts used in domestic work before the age of electricity and a few others who arrived later. The Theremin - first music history - electronic device and a Wurlitzer Jukebox in 1956, among others is displayed.

  • Hall current technology and energy saving: mobile educational packages the Museum disseminates in colleges, universities, institutes and other bodies knowledge of electricity.

All these services are free. To apply for them should contact the electricity Museum by telephone or by internet.

House Museum Ricardo Palma

It is the "ranch" where lived the illustrious traditionalist and spent his last years between 1913 and 1919. The construction of the House dates from the beginning of last century and has various environments such as Office, Chamber music, patio and bedroom of Don Ricardo Palma. It exhibits furniture and objects of personal use of the famous author of the Peruvian traditions.

Morro Solar Observatory Planetarium Museum

You can see remains of aerolitos precipitated in land, photographs, transparencies, scientific instruments and telescopes. Projection of the celestial movement and videos on scientific advances related to the topic.

Ancón Research Center Museum

Prehispanic Cultures of the central coast and Northern archaeological pieces are exhibited.

Peru Central Reserve Bank Museum

Central Bank Museum aims to guard and showcasing the artistic and cultural heritage of our ancestors, creating awareness in every visitor on the respect which requires our cultural heritage.

The work of a Museum, in its more traditional sense is the guard, conserve, research and exhibit property that guard. Today, functions and goals of our Museum outweigh those efforts to seek being an institution which is part of the life of their community, to integrate it and will serve as agent diffuser and propellant culture as axis of execution immersed in the work of research and education made preferential way.

The Museum seeks to be an entity serving culture and the public to support advocacy and dissemination of our cultural values. Our first years of existence may be a good reference to the work carried out and it is also cause for reflection with regard the fulfilment of the proposed goals. We want to continue making us in an authentic axis culture education and dissemination of all values that unite us and identify us as Peruvians.

The Museum has three main thematic areas of exhibition: Archaeology, Peruvian, contemporary painting and folk art. In addition to the beautiful Republican local host their collections, the Museum is responsible for the recently restored older Court, beautiful exponent of Lima architecture from the 17TH to the 19th centuries.

National Museum of Archaelogic, Anthropology and History of Peru

The National Museum of archaeology, anthropology and history of Peru is the oldest State Museum in our country and is the headquarters of the national system of State Museums. Its importance lies in the vast and varied cultural heritage which host its halls of exhibition and deposits.

Ceramics, textiles, metals, organic and lithic material related to invaluable human remains preserved with techniques that even surprised the specialists make up the legacy of our past Pre Hispanic. Objects of art historical and documentary, photographic and bibliographic funds to realize the colonial and Republican periods. They all make this space a place of encounter with the history of Peru.

Its historic architecture is the ideal place where all of them regardless of their age and provenance can discover, revive and questioning the experiences of our ancestors.

Lima Art Museum

It is installed in what was the former Exhibition Palace (1869).
It exhibits pieces of ceramics, textiles and jewellery of Pre-Hispanic cultures.
It also boasts the largest collection of paintings and works of art in the country.

Enrico Poli Museum

Private collection that displays objects Pre-Columbian and colonial of gold and silver.



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