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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Province of Chiclayo

Cathedral of the City of Chiclayo

So-called "Santa María Cathedral" is located in the main Park of the city, its construction is neo classical style and dates from 1869-71 (1928-56) according to design and enforcement plans (Gustave Eiffel). The cover is of two bodies, supported first by Doric columns which prevail over the three entrance arches. The second presents Corinthian capitals, whose intercolumpios are balconies or viewpoints. To both sides of the faade are bell towers topped with copulillas. Inside, of three bodies, it is the beautiful carving of the Poor Christ.

Municipal Palace of Chiclayo

Republican building of large windows and doors of wrought iron. Dates from 1919 and it is estimated that it cost more than 30 thousand pounds of gold.

The Veronica Chapel

The origins of this temple date back to the shelter or doctrinal chapels which offered masses of dead and celebrated festivals of the saints of the communities of Cinto and Collique.
The Church, built in 1840, is characterized by a rectangular plan, with twin towers of the Bell Tower and a small Atrium. Its vaulted ceiling is supported by beams of plastered carob and its greater altarpiece and niches are lined with bronze leaf.

Elías Aguirre Square

It was built in 1924 in honor of the Commander Elías Aguirre, Europe hero of the battle of Angamos.
The design of the Plaza is the Peruvian sculptor David Lozano.

Monsefú Craft Market

Monsefú is known for woven of straw hats, baskets, purses and saddlebags of cotton and thread. In addition their embroideries which are famous even are gold or silver threads. You can buy delicate napkins, tablecloths, blouses, skirts, ponchos and embroidered cloaks.


Third Eucharistic City in the World, with great religious fervor celebrates the fair of the Divine Child of the Miracle, recalling his appearance for 3 times in the consecrated host on July 22, 1619. Artisan capital of straw weaving mancora and beautiful embroidery. Eten beaches are calm waters and are located at only 2.2 Km. Away from the people.


Zaña are the remains of what was a colonial town founded in 1563. It is a ghost town, origin of legends and stories, such as one that recounts the invasion and looting suffered at the hands of the pirate Edward Davis, in 1686. It was destroyed by the El Niño phenomenon in 1720.
At present there are the remains of the convent of San Agustín, San Francisco and the porch of the Church La Merced. It was the birthplace of the dances of African Americans as the erotic "Golpe de Tierra"(strike the ground), tonderos, and celebration.

Archaeological Complex of Huaca Rajada (Lord of Sipan)

It is located on the edge of the former estate Pomalca. There, in 1987, it was discovered a tomb with the intact remains of a Mochica Lord, the Lord of Sipan. The finding allows us to appreciate the ritual of burial of a Mochica ruler, who was accompanied by a warrior, a priest, two women, a child, a dog, a llama and a guardian with amputated foot. The funerary regalia included many jewels of gold and silver decorated with turquoise and lapis lazuli.
The construction or huaca is formed by a burial platform and two truncated pyramids of adobe, also belonging to the Moche Culture (Centuries I- VI A.C.).

Pimentel Balneary

This modern resort is a good place to practice surfing, motor boats. In addition, you can watch fishermen by sea in the ancient "caballitos de totora"(sea horses of reeds) traditional raft used in the Peruvian North Coast since pre-Columbian times.

Chaparrí Ecological Reserve

Territory of 34 412 hectares belonging to the rural community Muchik Santa Catalina de Chongoyape. It's the first private conservation area in Peru. Its main objective is the conservation of the dry forests of the area and the rich biodiversity which host; as well as the establishment of mechanisms for the sustainable use of natural resources. It houses important species in danger of extinction such as the Spectacled Bear, the Guanaco, the White-winged Guan, and the Andean Condor.



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