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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Tourism in La Libertad

La Libertad Peru

Huaca La Esmeralda

This archaeological site is associated with the Chimu culture and was built attached to Chan Chan. The building has rectangular base (65 m long and 41 meters wide) and two platforms with Central ramps. The adobe walls are decorated with Alto-relievo with zoomorphic and geometric motifs.

Hunchaco Balneary

Caballito of Totora. La Libertad PeruAccording to legend, 800 years ago landed in Huanchaco Prince Tacaynamo with his retinue founded the first dynasty Chimú. In its waters still sail "caballitos de totora", traditional rafts used by fishermen of the Peruvian North Coast since pre-Columbian times. It is one of the beaches preferred on the coast of Peru by the lovers of surfing.

Ascope Province

El Brujo Archaeological Complex

Huaca de la Luna. La Libertad PeruThe Wizard is one of the most important and ancient on the north coast of Peru archaeological complexes. It is located in the Valley of the Chicama River, in the District of Magdalena de Cao, Ascope Province, Department of La Libertad some 60 km north of the city of Trujillo.

It is open to the public on May 12, 2006.

Here found the Mummy called Lady Cao.

This complex is an ancient ceremonial center where you can see the legacy of 5,000 years of human occupation, from nomadic hunter gatherers, later by the Cupisnique culture, Moche, Lambayeque, Chimu, Inca, , the colonial period and until the present.

Their continuous is a distinct cultural sequence that were settled in the area for five thousand years in the pre ceramic period until its extinction at the time of the Spanish presence.

The main archaeological monuments of this complex are:

  • Huaca Prieta
  • Huaca Cao
  • Huaca Cortada

Cao Museum. La Libertad PeruStands a large pyramid of clay of about 30 m high, which was a place of sacrifice, whose walls you can see Mochica iconography, especially the image of the "decapitated" which is also depicted on Moche pottery.

Chicama Port or Port Malabrigo

It is located in a broad and very windy beach. He is known by those who practice surfing because Chicama has the longest left wave in the world.

Sánchez Carrión Province

Archaeological Complex of Markahuamachuco

Located to 3 200 m., presents several stages of occupation. Its stone walls rises to a plateau of 5 Km2 and dangerous chasms, and in them there are towers of ovoid plant (circular) whose height exceeds 10 m.


Waman Raymi Wiracochapampa. La Libertad PeruTo the North of the city of Huamachuco, on a plain. The top is located to the South and the lower part to the North. This archaeological scenario occurs each August Waman Raymi representation. According to some research, this city was abandoned without having completed its construction, as evidenced by some unfinished walls and spaces denoting not having been inhabited.

Santiago de Chuco Province

Thermal Baths of Cachicadán (3 178 meters above sea level.)

Cachicadán, calm and serene, is a village located 2 884 m above sea level. There, on the slopes of Cerro La Botica, East of the San Miguel District, are two eyes of water, Cachicadán summer and winter Cachicadán, both fed by seepage of water rich in iron and magnesium. The hot springs are reddish and its average temperature is 71 degrees C (160 2° F).

Reserve and National Sanctuary of Calipuy

At 164 km. East of Trujillo (8 hours by car), until the city of Santiago of Chuco.

Biographic space located between 840 and 3 600 metres. and with an extension of 4 500 hectares, which houses and protects one of the largest forests of Puya Raimondi of existing, as well as Andean species like the guanaco. Its climate is characterized by abundant rainfall between the months of December and April. It is located in the Sunni region or humid moorland.

Chepén Province

Chepén Hill and Via Crucis

From here, to reach the Hill, we must perform a hike, rising about 30 minutes.
The archaeological ensemble of stone is surrounded by a wall with two main entrances to the North and the South. Constructions are niches, rooms, watchtowers and shrines. Recently have been placed 23 statues representing the "Via Crucis" and an image of 18 meters Christ overlooking entire Valley of the Jequetepeque River.

Otuzco Province

City of Otuzco

Picturesque city of La Libertad Highlands, of narrow streets and high houses, wide doors and tile roofs surrounded by a beautiful Andean landscape in which highlight the quebrada de Tupullo, the Río Pollo (Chicken River ) and the Hill of La Ermita. Otuzco is much visited because it is home to the Virgen de la Puerta , patron of the place.

Pacasmayo Province

San Pedro de Lloc Matrix Church

Dates of the second half of the 17 TH century. It has an altarpiece in Rococo style featuring the size of San Pedro.

Cañoncillo Forest

Located in San Pedro de Lloc district, on the left bank of the River Jequetepeque, which forms part of the ecosystems of dry forests of Peru; It contains sand dunes, gentle slopes, plains and forests of carob trees of up to 8 meters in height.
In addition to its archaeological sites, there are three lakes that sprout from the ground. It is ideal for the practice of nature and adventure tourism.

Complex Pakatnamú

Monumental archaeological site, near the mouth of the River Jequetepeque, Excel 50 truncated pyramids as well as housing projects, squares, walls , walls with reliefs and various venues.

Pacasmayo Balneary

The Spanish conquistadors founded the port of Pacasmayo in 1775 then built a pier for economic. Notable buildings as the House Grace in 1850. Surfing and diving is practiced on its beaches.

Virú Province

Chavimochic Special Irrigation Project

This irrigation is regarded as the most important of the north coast of Peru, covering the provinces of Trujillo, Virú and Ascope in the region of La Libertad . Its primary objective is the diversion of the waters of the Santa River towards the valleys of Chao, Virú, Moche and Chicama, to increase the agricultural land in the area, generating electricity and potable water for the city of Trujillo.

It is possible to develop a range of agricultural activities. Additionally, in the area, it is possible to make sports as the sand board or visit agricultural areas, where it participates in the activities of harvest.

Guañape Islands

Access is limited by boats from Morín Port, south of the city of Trujillo (30 minutes in car approximately), but also it can be reached from the city of Virú (to 45 minutes in car).

Its two islands: North Guañape and South Guañape. They reach to the 165 meters high and they are home to approximately 1 200 sea droll lions and guanayes. Meters down was discovered hundreds of pre-Hispanic objects as well as bodies of severed maidens whose ribs and breasts were covered with thin sheets of gold.



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