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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Tourism La Libertad

La Libertad Peru

Province of Trujillo

Plaza Mayor de Trujillo (main square)

Trujillo City. La Libertad PeruOn the orders of Diego de Almagro, Martín Astete drew up this place as the center of the city. In the main part of the Plaza Mayor is looking The Freedom Monument , a baroque sculpture in marble, work of German Edmundo Muller.

The Cathedral

Built in 1666, preserves valuable works of art, especially paintings from the Cusco School and sculptures.

Bethlehem Church

Its construction began in 1680 and was completed in 1708. It was built with brick, adobe and thatch. The cover of the faade is marked by two towers with pilasters of three angles. Inside, the arches, pilasters and pillars respond to Trujillo tradition of the seventeenth century.

Square El Recreo

This old square points the way to the mountains with its imposing facade.
It was restored in 1986, and there is the old pool that originally stood in the Plaza Mayor. There you can see the box of water that fed the plots in the colonial era.

El Carmen Monastery

Built in 1759, he is one of the finest architectural ensembles in the city. It consists of a temple and a monastery of two cloisters.
The art gallery houses an important collection of about 150 paintings, mostly from the 17TH and 18th centuries; they emphasize especially Quito and Flemish school paintings.

San Agustin Church

Dates from the 17TH century, the altar of gold leaf and the pulpit from baroque style.

San Francisco Church

Dates from the 18th century. Baroque style emphasizes the high altar, the polychrome altarpieces and pulpit. In the decoration highlight Scripture characters and passages in the lives of some Saints. Currently, the Colón theatre works in which outside the convent.

Church of La Merceda

Originally built in 1536, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1619 and rebuilt in 1634. The architectural ensemble, unlike their peers in the city of Trujillo, was built in the central part of a block and not in a corner as it is common in this type of monuments.
Its main faade is baroque and bell tower instead presents a pair of cattails. There are works of great value as the main altarpiece (which originally belonged to the Church of the Company), and the side altars with paintings of the 17TH century.

Casa del Mayorazgo de Facalá

It has a large main patio and an ancient well of water. Your balcony at corner of Mudejar style can be seen from the outside. This House contains a valuable numismatic collection.

Casa Bracamonte

It represents two times, that combines the century Viceregal elements 18Th and 19th Republicans. The faade is characterized by a great cover of wood and traditional windows with carefully worked iron bars. Inside are cozy courtyards.

Casa Ganoza-Chopitea

For many specialists is the most representative of the architectural style of the city of Trujillo. The cover, of Baroque style, is characterized by the use of various shades of colors, its Rococo pediment and two lions (by what is also known as the "House of the cover of the Lions").
Complement the style of the House the mannerist murals, the windows empire and the neo-baroque balcony.

Casa del Mariscal de Obregoso

This Manor House retains the traditional colonial character, marked by the paved floors, worked doors and rooms arranged in a high embankment. Its halls displays important collections of furniture, silverware, paintings and mirrors.

House of Emancipation or Madalengoitia

In this place the Marquis de Torre Tagle prepared the Declaration of Independence of Trujillo in 1820. It was the site of the first Congress.
Constituent and later the House from which ruled the President Riva Agüero.
This House is also called the Civic Sanctuary of Trujillo. There are exhibitions.

Casa Calonge or Casa Urquiaga

Headquarters of the Central Reserve Bank. It is a neoclassical House adapted as a museum exhibiting ornaments of gold of culture Chimú, the desktop of the Liberator Simón Bolívar and furniture belonging to ages colonial and Republican.

Citadel of Chan Chan

Chan Chan Citadel. La Libertad PeruChan Chan (of the Chang or Chan quingnam which means Sun, what follows Chan-Chan, literally: Sun Sun). You have as a hypothesis of its true meaning in Spanish: great sun, sun shining, splendid Sun or Sun resplendent (here is a typical feature of the language quingnam or Chimu in which reduplication of a word takes on a new meaning). It is assumed that the name is due to the intense sun exposure that supported the city. The name comes from the transcripts of the Spanish chroniclers.

It is a pre-Columbian city of adobe, built on the north coast of Peru by the Chimú. It is the city built in adobe Latin America's largest and the second in the world. It is located to the Northwest of the metropolitan area of Trujillo between the districts of Huanchaco and Trujillo. It was declared as world heritage by Unesco in 1986 and included in the list of the heritage in danger in the same year.

Chan Chan Citadel. La Libertad PeruChan Chan is composed of 9 citadels or small walled cities. The whole was the capital of the Kingdom of Chimor, State Organization of the Chimu culture.

The Citadel of Chan Chan is located between Huanchaco and Trujillo (within 5 km of it), in the La Libertad region, on the north coast of Peru. It is situated in the Valley of Moche (formerly known as Valley of Chimor). Its location close to the beaches shows how important fisheries and the sea to the Chimu.

Huaca el Dragón or Arco Iris

The Huaca of the Dragon, or as it is also called Huaca of the Rainbow, is located in the North, on the outskirts of the city of Trujillo and Chan Chan, in Peru.

It's a great religious monument, ceremonial center and administrative built in adobe, whose murals are decorated with friezes in relief showing anthropomorphic figures and stylized representing the rainbow.

While some archaeologists attribute this monument to the Chimu culture (1100s-1450), others assert that this shrine was built between years 800 and 1,000 of our era by the Sicán culture.

Entering the Rainbow Huaca can appreciate a ramp that leads to a first level that presents figures carved on the walls in the form of Dragon (hence its name) and these figures representing a rainbow. Another ramp, smaller than the first, leads us to the second level. At this level there are some wells where probably is stored food.

It's a pyramid consisting of a double platform protected by a high wall with a single entry into the architectural ensemble. Typical ramps of the time give access to the Huaca from the top.

This construction has 14 tanks, indicating that it was not only a shrine, but a collection center of goods for the supply of those who lived there and its surroundings.

The walls of the platforms are decorated with beautiful works. A figure takes the form of a Rainbow in a very stylized way in pursuit of swallow a character, with each head. The Centre anthropomorphic figures in the form of Dragn with the open jaws share the bite. A two- headed figure resting on a small platform or altar share between their jaws a Tumi.



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