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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Paracas National Reserve

Ica Peru

Paracas National Reserve is a conservation of Peru area located in the province of Pisco, Peru.

Paracas National Reserve was declared as such on September 25 , 1975. It was created in retaining a portion of the sea and the desert of Peru, giving protection to the various wild species of flora and fauna living there.

Paracas National Reserve

National Reserve Paracas - Ica Peru

Retain a representative sample of marine ecosystems in the cold sea current Peru or Humboldt current, considered by experts as the most productive land and keep the environments used by a wide variety of migratory species for their food and shelter during their long annual voyages.

It is located in one of the most desert of the Peruvian coast, in the Department of Ica, and has a population of 335,000 Ha - about 200,000 Pacific. The Paracas peninsula is situated in an exceptionally rich sea area the outcrops of extremely cold waters produce an abundance of plankton to feed fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Part of the surface of the reserve, specifically 217.594 hectares, consists of aquatic environments (for many of the planet's richest sea).

Due to its importance as a place of rest and food for migratory species in 1991 was elevated to the category of hemispheric network Regional reserve for shorebirds (today programme "Wetlands for the Americas").

Also in April 1992 was recognized as one of the sites of special status to the Convention on Wetlands of international importance (RAMSAR Convention), especially as Habitat for aquatic species as for example the fine wolf, the penguins of Humboldt (who are in danger of extinction), guano birds like the Boobie, the guanay, Pelican and other important species.

Ballestas Islands

Ballestas Islands is a group of small islands near the city of Pisco, Peru, they are composed of rocky formations where important fauna marina with guano birds as guanay piquero and the tendril mainly Islands crossbows North, Centre and South each with an area estimated at 0.12 km.

Peruvian penguins endangered of extinction are also visible. Also, Ballestas Islands are the refuge of two varieties of sea lions (fine wolves and satirical wolves) and other mammals. These sea lions love approaching vessels of tourists and they jump to their surroundings, and this is a show that of itself fully justifies a visit.

Paracas National Reserve Peru

Sea Wolves in Paracas - Ica Peru

It is also of particular interest when it is close to these islands, listen to the cries of the packs of wolves. It gives the impression of being surrounded by these animals almost 360 degrees. Aural entertainment is especially unique and unrivalled. These sea lions are harmless.

These islands can be accessed from the Spa of Paracas, near Pisco, doing a circuit performed in pots, which allows appreciate these species in their natural environment safely. The complete circuit takes about four to five hours.

Paracas National Reserve Peru

Candelabro in Paracas - Ica Peru

Sailing to the Ballestas Islands, on the road you can see the candlestick is a geoglyph of large lighthouse serves boaters. This geoglyph is related to the lines and geoglyphs of Nazca and Pampas Jumana.

Although the visit to Ballestas Islands ecotourism view the best-known excursion of the Peruvian coast, few years the Palomino Islands in Callao, they have become an alternative to the visitors who for various reasons cannot reach Paracas.


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