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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Cajamarca Surroundings

Cajamarca Peru

Ventanillas de Otuzco (windows )

Ventanillas of Otuzco.Cajamarca PeruAt 8 km. to the North-West of the city of Cajamarca (10 minutes by car).
The necropolis of Otuzco is popularly known under the name of "Ventanillas de Otuzco" by its particular aspect, because the square or rectangular niches were carved in a rocky area of volcanic origin in consecutive rows. By the action of the sack, it is difficult to determine their exact age, but some evidences allow associating them with the Caxamarca culture, that had influence in the region between the years 300-800 AC.

The Inca Baths

Baños del Inca.Cajamarca Peru6 Km. to the East of the city of Cajamarca (10 minutes by car).
Thermal waters of temperatures above 72 2° c (158 2° F), with minerals that have therapeutic properties for the treatment of bone and the nervous system conditions. There are pools of private use, public swimming pools and other services of therapeutic treatment. Originally named Pultumarca, tradition tells that there was resting the Atahualpa Inca shortly before the confrontation with Pizarro.

Porcorn Farm (Agrarian Cooperative Atahualpa Jerusalem)

30 Km to the North of the city of Cajamarca (1 hour by car).
The members of this cooperative have decided to open its doors to tourism, where it is possible to appreciate their way of life and participate in the work of agricultural, livestock and forestry; walks can be made by the forest and field. Porcorn Farm brings together in a single place agritourism,, nature and cultural exchange.

Cutervo Province

Cutervo National Park

At 260 km. to the North of the city of Cajamarca (14 hours and 30 minutes by car).
Its aim is to protect and conserve the flora and fauna characteristics of the Cordillera de los Tarros. The area is home to jaguars, ocelot, spectacled bears and otters, among others. One of its main attractions is the guacharo, nocturnal birds that inhabit the so-called Cueva de los Guácharos.
Especially striking are its landscape composed of grasses, dwarf forests and cloud forests.

San Ignacio Province

Tabaconas National Sanctuary - Namballe

To 110 km., to the North of the town of Jaen (7 hours by car). Covers an area of 29 500 ha which protects a cloud forest with its flora and fauna characteristics, 33 species of birds and 17 mammals (stress the spectacled bear, suede mountain tapir), ( the monkeys, the ocelot and the deer).

St. Paul Province

Kuntur Wasi Ceremonial Center

Kuntur Wasi.Cajamarca PeruAt 93 km. Northeast of the city of Cajamarca (3 hours by car).
Pre-Hispanic ceremonial center whose antiquity dates back to 1100 BC. It rises on a range of platforms and overlapping squares and there are several enclosures and buildings which stand with large stone walls. In place will have been able to identify different moments of occupation.
Around 700 BC was a great cultural change and the complex was completely covered by Earth and stones by the same people, to build a new larger ceremonial complex. Around 250 BC, the ceremonial center suffered great destruction and the site was abandoned. The social centre moved to the site of Cerro Blanco, where several buildings of this era. After the destruction, Kuntur Wasi did not again be occupied ever.
Since 1988, the archaeological mission of the University of Tokyo and communal groups in the area are studying the cultural tradition reflected in Kuntur Wasi. The most important findings include the burials, made up of corpses covered with colours red and surrounded by offerings and various objects.

Kuntur Wasi Site Museum

3 Km. from the city of San Pablo (7 minutes by car).
Permanent exhibition of objects of gold, semi-precious stones, ceramic, stone and bone remains found in the excavations of Kuntur Wasi.
In addition, you can see the maps, plans and photographs of the research work carried out by the University of Tokyo. It is located at the top of Cerro La Copa, 2 273 meters above sea level.



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