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Querida Carolina

Fue un placer visitar su pais. No imagina lo que le agradecí su visita al Hotel, por dos veces además y sus consejos apoyados en esa magnífica documentación informática que me mostró....

José Miguel Samaniego
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Peruvian sites among top 8 lost cities in the world

Three Peruvian archaeological sites -Machu Picchu (Cusco), Chan Chan (La Libertad) and Caral (Lima)- have been named among the top eight lost cities in the world, Peru's export and tourism promotion board Promperu has announced.

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Tourism in Ancash

Ancash Peru

Huaraz Province (Huaraz 3 090 m.)

Archaeological Museum of Ancash

In the place there is a large collection of sculptures in stone from the Recuay Culture, as well as ceramics and textiles of cultures pre Inca Chavín, Huaraz White on Red, Moche, Wari, and Chimú.

Sanctuary of the Lord of Solitude

Built after the earthquake of 1970, save the image of the Lord of the Solitude, patron saint of the city of Huaraz, whose image dates from the time of the founding of the city, in the 16th century.

Archaeological Remains of Waullac

Waullac is an archaeological remain that dates from the time pre inca and belongs to the Wari (600 A.C) period. This would be a place for funerary use consisting of five stone structures that resemble small niches.

Churup Lagoon

28 Km. to the East of Huaraz (1 hour and 30 minutes by car), it reaches the town of Pitec; from there you walk 2 hours more. The lagoon is surrounded by queñuales, quishuares and ichu.
The surrounding area is home to species typical of the Andean fauna as vizcachas, wild cats and various species of birds, such as wild ducks which eventually can be observed.

Huascaran National Park

Snow Huascaran.Ancash PeruThere are several entrances to the Park, according to the interest of the visitors. Among which are:

  • Revenue for the Llanganuco sector, where there are gaps Chinancocha (of a beautiful turquoise) and Orconconcha.
  • Revenue for the sector tent, allowing access to the snowy Pastoruri.

Cordillera Blanca.Ancash PeruThe Park was created in 1975, with the aim of conserving the flora and fauna, geological formations, archaeological sites and scenic beauties and was declared Natural patrimony of the humanity by the UNESCO in 1985. Within its 340 000 hectares, including almost all the white mountain range, you can see a wide variety of Andean plant species as the Puya Raimondi in the areas of Quesque and Pumapampa (whose inflorescence is considered the largest in the plant Kingdom and once blooming dies) and the queñuales in the lagoons of Llanganuco.

Laguna Cullicochap.Ancash PeruAmong the 296 lakes that owns the Park highlight Paron , Cullicocha, Llanganuco, Auquiscocha, Rajucolta, Querococha and Cuchillococha. Of their 663 glaciers include the Huascarán (6 768 m.), the Huandoy (6 356) (m.), the Chopicalqui (6 354 m.), the Hualcán (6 122 metres above sea level.) and the Alpamayo (6 120 meters above sea level.)

Animals include the spectacled bear, the taruca and the Andean Condor (the three species in danger of extinction), Cougar, deer, the Andean cat and a diversity of birds.

Archaeological remains of Willcahuain and Willcahuain Ichic

Ruins Willcahuain.Ancash PeruIt is a sample of the Wari architecture that developed in the Middle Horizon period (700 BC - 100 AC. The buildings present a network of galleries inside and were used as spaces for offerings.

Assumption Province

People of Chacas (3 359 metres above sea level)

Located in the area of the Conchucos and recognized by the carvings in wood in the place and the religiosity of his people.

Mama Ashu Sanctuary

It was built around the year 1587 and declared a National historical monument . Highlights its classical structure with double Bell Tower, its fine carved gate and a stained glass window at the top of the pediment. On the inside are the doors, windows and carved armchairs, decorated with angels in wood and stained glass Windows and in the background, an altarpiece of baroque style bathed in gold leaf with the image of the Virgin.

Museum of Chacas

Chacas main square . Visits: M-F prior coordination with the Municipality. Sunday: open all day.

It presents a collection of stone sculptures with a variety of figures, artifacts of carved stone, pottery varied , Recuay metallurgy, among other findings.

Province of Bolognesi

The Huayhuash Cordillera

Cordillera Huayhuash.Ancash PeruRange of approximately 30 km. in length which lies on the border of the regions of Huanuco, Ancash and Lima and is considered one of the most spectacular mountain ranges of the Andes.
Six of its peaks are over 6 thousand meters in height. Usually practice in many of its snow-covered mountain climbing.

Town of Chiquian (3 374 meters above sea level.)

To 111 km Huaraz by route paved until the diversion to the Antamina mine (2 hours and 30 minutes); from Lima traveling by the North Pan-American Highway until km 206 (diversion in Pativilca), then take the road to Huaraz to the km. 122 (village of Conococha) to finally take the detour to Chiquián around 30 km. (5 to 6 hours in total from Huaraz).
This quiet place known as "Mirror of the sky", extends to the right bank of the River Aynín in the upper basin of the Pativilca River. It is the main gateway to the Cordillera Huayhuash and the circuit "Gold of the Andes".

  • The attractiveness of the area include:
  • The Conococha Lagoon
  • The Snowy Tuco Chira
  • Sanctuary of the Lord 's road or Conchuyacu
  • The waterfall of Usgor (2 km. from the city)
  • The Mirador San Juan Cruz
  • The Pre Incas remains of Capillapunta and Puscanhuaru (8 km. from the city)
  • The colonial churches of Huasta and Aquia (a 8 Km and 17 Km respectively from the city)
  • The sanctuary of the Lord of Cayak
  • The Pre Incan remains of Pucamachay
  • Aquia Belén
  • Land Mouth 3 km
  • Punummarca 6 km
  • Contu Cuta 5 km
  • The Puya Raimondi in the heights of Pachapaqui (30 km. of the city).

Province of Carhuaz (2 645 m.)

Retains its traditional and mixed atmosphere of past times.
In the main square stands the sanctuary of the Virgin of the Mercedes, whose feast is celebrated on September 24.

Thermal Baths of Chancos

28 Km. to the East of Huaraz (30 minutes by car), to the town of Marcara from there will travel 3.5 km. to the thermal baths (15 minutes by car).
Sources of water temperatures of up to 74 2° C (165 2° F) and are known for their Thermo-medicinal properties. There are swimming pools (one for children and one adult), sauna-caves, individual and family pools.

Casma Province (39 m)

Archaeological remains of Sechin and Museum of Max Uhle. A 5 Km Southeast of Casma (10 minutes by car).
This ceremonial center of constructions of adobe and stone belonging to the Sechin (1800 BC - 800 BC) culture looks at the entrance to a wall covered in carefully carved stones and walls with murals can be seen in the interior. The Museum provides information on the main pre-Hispanic cultures who settled in the region, such as the Moche, Wari, ChiMu, Casma and Inca and also presents the objects found in excavations at the archaeological sites in the Valley of Casma, especially ceramics.

Turtle Beach (km 396 of the Panamerican North)

This beach is part of a cove framed by the prolongation of the Cerro Grande, to the North, and Hill Turtle, to the South. It is a good place for water sports, because the sea is very quiet; curious formations produced by erosion can be seen wandering the beach.

Archaeological Remains of the Aldas

These buildings date from times pre Inca, around 1600 BC The set consists of a main platform surrounded by lateral pyramids. Constructions of domestic order can be observed toward the flat.



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